Must be a csv file. Max size 1MB.
Must be a csv file. Max size 1MB.
Select the way we should compare your spreadsheets.
Select the columns you would like to compare together (1 is the left-most column in your spreadsheets, 2 is next, etc)


  • Analyzes document as a whole. It looks for similarities and differences in the whole document; doesn't care where in the document they occur.
  • Easiest to start with as few columns as possible so you can make sense of results.
  • If you choose more than one column at once it will treat them as a combined set.
  • Text results displayed immediately after you click "compare."
  • First row expected to be header so it will strip out first row.
  • Save/copy results to your own computer. (We don't keep copies.)
  • Supported file formats: CSV (In Excel: File>Save As>Format: CSV (comma separated values))
  • Sample uses: Check for duplicate entries between two newsletter membership lists. (Looks for duplicates.)
  • Sample uses: Best at looking for duplicates in large lists, like repeated phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Free + Instant: No need to sign-up or install anything. We are the google of spreadsheet comparison.